I’ve Finally Found My Perfect Foundation

My make-up box never has one bottle of foundation. There is at least 2 on the go at all times. Different brands, different shades, some almost empty some pretty much full. Why is this? Because i have never been happy with any foundation i’ve ever brought. I didn’t even think much of MAC which a lot of people raved about. SO just when i thought it was me going mad and i’d have to just stop worrying and settle for just one…i discovered Estee Lauder.

I’d heard a lot about Double Wear foundation and decided to ask for one of the consultants to match me up and possibly give me a tester to try at home. They matched me as 1N2 – Ecru, i told them i prefer my foundation to be a little paler rather than a little darker, as i can always warm it up with bronzer if needs be. Ecru i think is the lightest if not one of the lightest shades.

So i took the foundation home and applied it with a brush. The application feels lovely, so smooth and sinks into my skin really well. I have a lot of uneven skin tone, freckles on my forehead and also some mild acne patches round my cheeks. I have struggled in the past to find a foundation that will cover all of these and actually make my skin appear flawless, but this one…WOW! It’s like some sort of magical illusion, my skin looked absolutely amazing. Flawless, even and healthy. I liked that there wasn’t too much shine, so i didn’t even need powder which i pretty much always use. The staying power is also amazing, it really wont budge all day. Fabulous.

Obviously i ran back to Boots the next day (well not exactly ran, more of a fast paced walk)  and grabbed myself a full sized bottle. And to make it even better, i got a free concealer and mascara as there was a promotion on! They too are amazing! (Reviews to come soon).

In the after photo i also have the Double Wear Concealer, Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in Be Bold, elf black cream eyeliner and Collection 2000 Skyscraper mascara.

I’m so so glad i have found a foundation that i love. I can now stick with this one, chuck all my other rubbish out and enjoy my new flawless face thanks to Estee Lauder Double Wear!

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A Nightdress and a Half!

I wanted to do a quick review on a new find of mine. Magnificent big bra company and my wonderful place of work, Bravissimo, now have a sale on their website. I had been looking for some nightwear with built in support for a while and finally wanted to buy some.

I wear a 28G/GG and i hate the feeling of not being supported at night time, some women love that “free” feeling, but i continuously feel like i want to be holding myself in.

The Satin Nightdress is now a dis-continued style (hence being in the sale) and although the stock is now very limited on the website, you can also find it on Ebay for a very reasonable price too. It comes in a petrol blue colour and a raspberry red (very Moulin Rouge). I decided to go for the blue as i just loved the shade.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bravissimo sizing, the nightwear is in the back size as normal but with a choice of D-E, F-G or GG-H. Being a 28G, i often find i am between F-G and GG-H, but as i like a bit of extra cleavage and prefer it more tight than loose, i decided to go for the 28F-G.

Here are some piccys! (It does need an iron, excuse the creases!)

The quality of the nightdress is lovely. It’s so lightweight but at the same time provides the most amazing support!

As you can see from the first photo, the nightdress has provided me with a cleavage (which i wanted) but some may argue that it’s a little too tight. However, i was comfy in it and loved it!

The 28″ back fitted perfectly. I wear a size 8 – 10 and it was nice and snug, giving me a great amount of support. Also what was nice, was the fact that the rest skimmed nicely over my hips and my stomach and didn’t cling or hang strangely at all.

Also what i liked was the fact that the straps come in quite close together at the back, stopping any potential problems of straps falling off the shoulders.

All in all i absolutely love this nightdress and would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel supported but still sexy at night time.

JJ x

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It’s Just a Letter!

So my last blog post was February. It is now July, and to get straight to the point, my life has completely changed.

I have experienced despair, desperation, excitement, confusion, happiness, anger and gladness all in the space of 4 months and even though this isn’t the purpose of this post, i have learnt a few things. That life will throw anything at you, at any point. You’re prayers wont save it, begging won’t save it, it will be totally out of your control. But you will come out. And the majority of the time, you will come out a better, happier person, a person that has learnt a few things about others and particularly themselves. Enjoy life and don’t dwell on the lows. What’s the point? We all go eventually. Live for the best feeling out there – happiness.

Depressing and somber subjects aside, lets go on to what this post is supposed to be about!

I have recently started working for Bravissimo. Those of you who don’t know, Bravissimo is a lingerie, swimwear and nightwear company that deals with larger cup sizes (D-L). They have also launched Pepperberry, a clothing line with room for your bust!

Working as a lingerie consultant within such a well known and successful company is so exciting, not to mention i’ve been a die hard Bravissimo customer since i hit a D cup!

I love the fitting aspect of my job, i never knew how good it would make me feel, to make a woman’s self esteem and self confidence grow just having the right bra fitted. It really is a pleasure making women feel good about themselves.

There is so much useless and unnescesary pressure put on image nowadays, i think people have forgotten, that before we think about eating rabbit food for 5 months and wasting away to an unhealthy, lethargic shaddow of our former selves (but hey, we’re thin) we must start with a healthy and sensible mind set. Before we start computing this ridiculous unrealistic and uneducated attitude to body image that we see everywhere, i first want to put a few things forward.

We go from back sizes of 28″-40″. Before i worked at Bravissimo, i strutted in there thinking i was a definite 32E. They fitted me at a 28G. Shock? Yes, of course. A G?!! But that’s HUGE?! No, it isn’t.

Surprisingly a lot of women don’t know that when you go down in the back, you automatically go up in the cup. In the cup, a 38D is the same as a 28G, meaning myself and that lady would essentially have the same size boobs. Although she may have a larger rib cage, or may be a bit more weighty than me, the cup size is still the same.

I wanted to stress this as i have seen so many ladies get upset when i have told them that they’re a GG, H, JJ etc. They sometimes actually refuse to go beyond an F as they feel so ashamed. But the majority of these women have very small back sizes and are not fully aware of the way it all works. Take a look at this photo:


This is a bra from Cleo by Panache. The top bra is a 40G, the bottom bra is a 28G. A bit of a difference!

Women everywhere, it’s only a letter, and when you’re in the right bra, youre boobs will actually feel smaller anyway! So lets not be in denial, scared or upset with you’re boobs. Come for a fitting, get the right size and see how much you’ll love them afterwards!

JJ x

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Hoping To Be The Next “Star In A Bra!”

It’s the time of year again for Curvy Kate’s Star In A Bra competition.

For those of you who don’t know, Curvy Kate is a fabulous lingerie/swimwear brand catering for larger cup sizes, from size D – K.  Each year Curvy Kate holds a model competition named Star In A Bra.

Star in a Bra “encourages women who are DD+, charismatic and confident in their own skin” to submit their photo’s in the chance of winning a years modelling contract with them plus other bits and bobs!

It states that you must be of a D cup and above. It also states that they are not interested in professional photo’s. If you have professional ones, they say they’d like to see them, but to only upload one or two. They want real girls here. Relatable girls. No photoshop, no un-attainable figures, just some nice curves in a nice lingerie set.

Criteria in mind, i had to understand that all my treasured modelling photo’s would not get me anywhere here (a shame i know but never mind). So i hopped in front of the webcam one lazy afternoon, did my hair and make-up, and played dress up in my favorite lingerie sets!

I combined smiles and relaxed poses, nothing too stiff or over-posy. They wanted a mixture of head shots and body shots. This is what i sent off to them. What do you think?

There is still time to enter Star In A Bra if you think you’ve got what it takes! Entries close March 16th 2012 – let me know if any of you are going for it!

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Katie Piper – A True Inspiration

I could not believe it when i saw these photo’s of Katie Piper at the Inspirational Woman of the Year Awards. She was snapped on the red carpet in a Celeb Boutique body-con dress and looked absolutely sensational!

For those of you who don’t know Katie’s story, she was a victim of a malicious acid attack in 2008, planned by an ex boyfriend. The attack caused her to go blind in one eye and her face to become completely disfigured.

After almost 4 years of re-building not only her face but her confidence, Katie has come out so so strong and is a true inspiration to any woman who has suffered with their looks in anyway shape or form.

I was actually first drawn to the article in the Daily Mail Online as i loved the dress she was wearing and her lovely figure, it took me a while to figure it was her!

This is an example of someone who has suffered and it’s proof that you can still be totally beautiful when something this extreme effects your looks and confidence.

I just hope the lowlife’s serving their life sentences in prison see these positively adverse effects caused by their disgusting act. Hold your head high, Katie, you look absolutely stunning.

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My Article on Bettie Page. Et Alors? Magazine.

Nowadays the name “Bettie Page” is infamous. Some may relate her to coinciding pin-ups such as Marilyn Monroe or even present day icons such as Dita Von Teese, others may recall her more x-rated work, however despite all this, what Miss Page did have was something that the standard 50’s pin-up did not. Page was a highly educated, creative and innovative woman. A playful mistress of temptation, a taboo turned Monroe. Quite simply the queen of fetish pin-up.

Go grab your first issue of Et Alors? magazine to see my article on the fantastic Miss Bettie Page in full!

A bit of a delayed post on this, but i wanted to share with you the success of Et Alors? and how proud i am to have my writing published.

Et Alors? is a flamboyant magazine, with a focus on fashion, fetish, literature and icons. The magazine released it’s first issue in December 2011. The magazine is published three times a year with the next issue coming very soon! To get your paws on issue 1 of Et Alors? please go to http://www.etalorsmagazine.com/uk/buynow.html

Also, don’t forget to follow on Facebook for updates on up and coming issues! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Et-Alors/223399631031081?sk=info

I will give you sneak peeks of my article every time an issue is released here at Vanity Killed the Cat, but you have to buy the magazine for the real thing!


JJ x

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Colours in Contrast

I love contrasting colours in make-up. As long as it’s done to the extremes, if the colours have no vibrancy, or they are applied really thin, the contrast doesn’t work and it ends up looking messy.

The look i have chosen to do here is blue/green eyes and a red lip.

I started with making my base very even. For the colours to pop, the skin needs to be as flawless as possible, for this, use a powder. I used Avon Anew Transforming Pressed Powder in Soft Beige. I feel you can’t get that flawless “doll” look without a powder, so it’s important to own one!

For the eyes, i used three shadows from a Marks and Spencer’s eye palette, an Eye and Lip Crayon by Barry M in Turquoise and a glitter liner by Collection 2000 in Pow!.

I first used the pale blue shimmer shadow as an overall base, shading out towards the outer corners and the brow bone. Then i applied the dark matte blue to the outer corners and into the crease of my eye lid. From the outer corners, i then extended the blue out and underneath my eyes, lining them.  I then blended out the dark blue with the vibrant green shimmer shadow, on the upper and lower lash lines. No harsh areas in this look, blend blend blend! I also added some green shading to the inner corners of my eyes.

Now for the liners. With the Barry M crayon, line the inner corners of your eyes. This creates a really pretty “sparkly eyed” look. Extend the liner underneath your eyes. This beautiful cream liner works so well as it’s shimmery. By placing it to the corners and the lower lash lines, you’re placing it in all the areas that catch the light, brightening and opening up your eyes.

For a real pop, i lined the upper lash line with a the glitter liner. You can take away this drag queen element if you want to be more subtle – but i love it!

The lips can be matte or gloss. I have used a semi gloss look here. Some lip balm over my red lipstick. Line the lips to make them stand out even more!

A dash of red blush on the cheeks and you have your contrasting colours look!

Enjoy it and let me know if you love any other crazy colour combo’s!

The Nightmare Before Burlesque… Double Lashed!




I love, love LOVE experimenting with make-up (as you all probably know by now).

One thing i’ve surprisingly never tried, is adding falsies to the lower lashes. I’d seen it done before and always thought it looked a bit tricky…but how wrong was i!

They really are so simple to apply to the bottom lashes, more so than the top lashes I found. They seemed to stay in place better and not do that annoying thing where the corners just do NOT want to stay!

I find the more natural looking lashes work best for lower ones. Wispies are a great brand for that. Anything too heavy can make you look messy and a bit sleepy.

I combined this wide eyed look with a strong lip and contoured cheeks. The hair I made HUGE. The reason being that I wanted to create a theatrical burlesque type look with a hint of madness 😉

I loved this look and I had great fun creating it. Let me know what you think!

If you want to have a go, have your backcombing brush, hairspray, doll worthy make up and fabulous falsies at the ready!

What is Plus Size and What Should it Promote?

Whether we like it or not, fashion in the 21st century falls into two categories: regular and plus size. This week i’ve taken on the challenge of trying to define these two categories. Some of the things i’ve realised are right under my nose have been quite shocking to me, while i’ve also discovered some pretty interesting views from other people like myself. See what you think and enjoy reading!

So lets take a look at “regular” fashion to start with. Here we have terrifying “hot model of 2011” Lara Stone looking, well, just plain skeletal in Calvin Klein.

Now we take a look at plus size. This is the incredibly gorgeous Australian “plus size” model, Laura Wells on the catwalk. (I quote this to show my concern for what plus size is).

The thing that is really confusing me and making me quite annoyed, is that i’ve seen “plus size” all the way up to size 20, and people can argue till the cows come home, but a size 20 figure is overweight. What makes it worse, the real point i’m trying to make here, is that a sexy, healthy figure like Laura Wells’ is getting called plus size, but not only that, it is also put in the same category as some genuinely overweight figures too?! THAT i don’t think is fair, and it’s really starting to anger me.

It has actually been hard for me to find a set size that a model has to be to become plus size. Some people say 10/12. But to me, i would NOT class this as plus size, this is normal. I know it’s not up to me and that’s the way the industry is, but a toned 10/12 is the size i’d like to see full stop.

The thing that frustrates me to no end is – why the extremes?! I really don’t understand why, in a world where body obsession is shoved in our faces every day through the media, they decide to pick two utter extremes to base ourselves on. Because lets face it, we are being exposed to a system where we only have the two options – stick thin or ‘plus size’ – how is that fair?

Now i’m sure there’s many debates on both sides. Some people say that these larger models i speak of are not overweight, and they are promoting a healthy, womanly, “curvaceous” figure, but i’m really not sure that some of these larger “plus sizes” i’m seeing are promoting fit and healthy. I’m seeing, these overweight figures constantly being referred to as ‘curvy’. This is just wrong. Lots of excess weight is unhealthy. Yes beauty comes in all sizes, but i believe there is a line.

If “plus size” is overweight and “regular” is unhealthily thin, where are the normal healthy figures?

Or, if you don’t agree with that..

If “plus” size has become a normal figure and “regular” is thin. why on earth is normal being called plus size?

No extremes, no promoting overweight or underweight, lets just promote HEALTHY. Is there something wrong with that? I say bring back Tyra Banks in the 90’s as an iconic role model for a beautiful curvy figure! And was SHE referred to as plus size? No. she was in the ‘regular’ category. Now however, it might be a different story.

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Audrey Hepburn’s Beauty – Make-Up Look

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A complete classic of a movie. The drop dead gorgeous Audrey Hepburn plays “Daring Darling” Holly Golightly and i simply love her charachter. She is so beautiful, so delicate and so classy. One of the things i’ve been really fascinated by is her make up.

Hepburn has a typically beautiful face anyway, behind all the make up. All her facial features are very soft and rounded, with the exception of her beautifully angular jaw line. She has a fresh, flawless complexion, full, groomed eyebrows, big brown perfectly rounded eyes, a larger than average nose but still very soft looking and delicatly plump lips.

I love her face, her eyes glisten and she always looks so youthful and alive.

So here’s my re-creation of this famous image:

The tip to creating this look is not to add any dark make-up underneath the eyes at all, not even on the waterline. Make the underneath of your eyes look as flawless and bright as possible. Apply a good concealer and powder.

For the upper lids, this is where you need to create the contrast. You’re going to try to get the line as dark and intense as possible, but it also must be very neat.  Smudgy, smokey eyes were not a thing for Miss Hepburn! Just a thick dark line on the top lid, with some fabulous fluttery false lashes.

To darken the top lid even more, you can take a dark brown and work it into the creases. For my look i used the darkest brown from my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit, but do not go any further up than the crease. Also, to get bright eyes like Audrey, highlight the brow bone with a good highlighter. My favorite is Mac Strobe Cream.

The base should be matte. If you look at Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s her skin is flawless and soft looking. There is no highlights or greasiness.

Finally, for the lips, you can go as dark or pale as you like. Although Hepburn never really went for dark red shades, it was usually soft pinks or nudes. So here, ive gently patted some of my Avon Plump And Stay Lip Colour in Pink Pout onto my lips. Just a little, as it’s an extremely bright shade! Her lips were always matte, so no gloss girls!

And if you really want to go crazy with the look. Add diamonds, pearls and more diamonds!

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